Alexandra and Carrie met around 4 years ago at one of Carrie’s bellydance classes and quickly became friends and dance partners.  Their style melds together in creative and beautiful ways and they soon created Happenstance Bellydance.  Carrie’s style is earthy and grounded, yet fluid and graceful.  Alexandra’s style is earthy as well, but with a fiery passion that bursts forth in her dance.  Alexandra also loves to dance with fire, her specialties include fire poi, fire hoops, palm torches, and fire fans.  She’s the prop expert – not just in fire but with voi (veil poi), fan-veils, swords, and more.  Carrie also loves to learn other dance styles and has some experience with Bharatanatyam (a Classical dance form from South India) and is currently learning Odissi (from Orissa-East India).  Dance is her passion.

Other interests include wildlife and nature, both play in a band together as singers.  Alex is also an upright bassist while Carrie is learning guitar.  They’re both very artistic in other ways besides dance, Alex paints and Carrie loves photography.  They both create their own costumes.  Carrie is a member of a reenactment group focusing on the middle ages and you guessed it, her focus is on dance and cultures of the middle east and south east asia (primarily India).


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